Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Fun Small Project.

So, I actually have a few polaroid photos and I've ran out of room on my wall of photos. Haha. I've decided to tape the photos around my mirror, but they weren't sticking very well and they kept falling. I was getting a bit irritated and so, my cousin and I thought that it would be better to create a photo clothesline. Both of us went to Target to find twine and mini clothespins, but we only found twine at the Target that we went to.  Then, we knew that Michaels would have some clothespins and they did! And as soon as I got home from visiting Virginia (which I stayed for a night and two days), I began creating this lovely project. I had left over decoration Command strip hooks and stuck them on my wall. I took one twine and wrapped the hooks twice so that they would stay in place once I clip the photos on them. It turned out pretty nice and I like it. It is very vintage and edgy.

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