Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Three Days Well Spent.

Let's start off with the title. So, the past three days I've been out and about. On Sunday, I woke up thinking that I would go out for a run with my cousin, Jane, but I ended up going out with my dad, Jane, and my little cousin, Holly. When we got back, we thought we would be able to go run, but instead, we went to get lunch with Holly's mom, also known as my aunt. After, we went to the park near by and got bored, so, we went on paddle boats. I was way too hot, but fun. Then when we got home, Holly, her brother, Harrison, and I went out to jump on the trampoline. It was a nice afternoon spent. Moving on... Monday was Memorial Day, as you know, and a great way to spend the holiday is having a barbecue, going to the beach, or going to an amusement/water park. Well, I didn't really do any of those activities. That morning, I went for a run with Jane. Then after the run, we went to get ready to go to a water park with our little cousins and aunt in the afternoon. It turned out that it was too crowded and the line for tickets was way too long and we didn't exactly go to the water park. We called up a family friend and asked if we can go swim in their community pool, which they were fine with. So, as we were going to the family friend's house, we stopped by a grocery store to buy some treats, to be specific, doughnuts. As I was looking around to pick a doughnut that I would like, I've found cronuts. That's right, croissant doughnuts that is usually sold in New York City. Although I'm from New York City and currently living there, I've never tried one. I got two for me and Jane. When we got to the family friend's house, Jane and I ate the cronuts and it was delicious. We walked to the pool and we were in there for about over an hour. We went back to the house and just relaxed for a bit and ate some dinner before we going home. Then on Tuesday, I went to eat lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings with Jane, Holly and my other cousin, Henry, which was yummy. We went to this frozen yogurt/crepe/gelato shop and got gelato and one crepe after eating wings. After that, the best part of the day in my opinion, we went to the pet shop near by. We then decided to have one puppy to play with. We got a 2 month Shi Tzu to play with and it was just cute and fluffy. I wanted to take that puppy home with me.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Why not?

I've decided to post some pictures of food that I've eaten this week. Why put the pictures to waste? They are all just sitting there and I need to share them. So, here are some photos of food that I've eaten when I was out and about.

Mint Chocolate Cookie Frozen Yogurt with strawberries and blackberries.

Toasted blueberry bagel with cream cheese and iced green tea.

Chicken enchilada from The Cheesecake Factory.

Strawberry-Nutella Gelato Crepe.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

I'm Free!

After months of complaints and exhaustion, I am finally free from school! That's right, the spring semester is now over and it is summer vacation for me. Let me tell you that I am so happy. I've been waiting for this since the semester began. Haha. That sounds bad, but I was just so over worked and so tired from school. I guess it's part of the college experience, but hey, I am glad that it is over... for now. I am just excited for this summer. It may beat summer of 2009, which in my opinion was one of the best summers that I have ever had. This summer, I actually have a lot of exciting plans and things happening. This is going to be awesome. But first, I am probably going to spend a week relaxing before the fun begins. Hope summer 2014 will be a good one!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Fun, Little Video.

Today, I've decided to record and edit a video. I did a "What's In My Bag?" video and it is definitely different. It did not consist of me explaining what's in my bag, in fact, I was silent the whole time! It was fun editing the video as well. You'll understand when you watch it. So, enjoy! :)

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