Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Nice, Small Moment.

Yesterday, my friend, Lizette and I planned to meet up to go to the pizza restaurant where our friend from middle school works at for a laugh. Not to mention that the friend is the old crush of mine and also the friend that I had an awkward moment with last week. As we walked into the restaurant, there was no sight of him, but we ordered our pizza anyway because we've already walked in. As we were waiting, we just had some random conversations, as usual, and the friend was going around cleaning the tables. Then, when our pizzas were ready, we went up to the counter to pay and the friend suddenly said "Hi Sandy" then "Hi Lizette" and I was like "Hey ______!" Yup. Then he started a conversation by asking us where we go to school and stuff. After we got our pizza, we went to our table. Later on, he started cleaning tables again and asked me a few other questions and asked some of the same to Lizette. It was nice that he was concerned. I'm glad that he spoke to us first and was trying to keep a conversation too. It's nice to see someone after some number of years and knowing that they're doing really well. It's just the little things in life that gets to me. It was great seeing and talking to him and not feeling so awkward anymore.

The Ultimate Fangirl Experience.

The other day (Wednesday, April 23rd to be exact), I went on a small adventure. I didn't think I would go this far to see four of my favorite musicians. Yeah, that's right. I went to "stalk" a band. To be specific, I went to see 5 Seconds of Summer... at their hotel. This was totally something new for me and my best friend, Lizette. I was literally trying everything to track them. I was on Twitter the night before and found the rumored hotel, which I was a little skeptic about because it was in downtown Manhattan, which is pretty far from the venue that they played at. I had a plan set for that day and figured that I would go downtown first to check out the hotel and see if they boys would be there, and if they weren't there, then Lizette and I would go to hotels around Times Square and Lexington Ave. As we found the hotel, it was completely empty and we were standing there for about 5 minutes or so and these two girls came up to us and told us that it was probably the wrong hotel. I do not follow band update Twitter accounts, because I'm not into that stuff. Anyway, they happen to be fangirls, which were very helpful. They found pictures through Twitter and tried to match the background with the surroundings of other possible hotels. There were another group of girls that came up as well and the next thing you know it, we were all doing research in a circle. In about 10 minutes of searching, the two girls found the hotel. I was mind blown of how much of a pro they were at this stalking thing. So, we hopped on the Subway and went to the nearest stop to the hotel and walked a few blocks. The group was walking way too fast to get to the hotel, like they were running instead of walking. Lizette and I were literally walking at our normal pace and the group of girls were just getting further and further. Once we got to the hotel, there were a medium size group of girls standing outside near the door already. So, we just stood on the side of the sidewalk and just chilled (literally, because it was really windy out). When it was about 5pm and we decided to move closer to the hotel and the girls that were there before us were pretty rude and gave everyone an attitude (I totally ignored them though because why would I stoop to their level? Most of them were younger than me anyway. Plus, why would I respect people who don't respect others. Moving on, so while waiting, Lizette and I met three lovely girls, two who travelled about 4 hours (and not to mention, were so cute) and one who just got out of school to meet the boys. We had some fun conversations going on while waiting. One of the girls that travelled about 4 hours came with her friend of course and her mom and little brother, who is quite the entertainer. The little brother would say the cutest, yet funniest things and when he heard someone say "Miley Cyrus," he ended up twerking. They were pretty cool and I'm glad that I've met them. It was almost 6pm and the boys weren't at the hotel yet and no one was sure when they were coming, but the family and friend decided to leave because the boys weren't coming anytime soon. We ended exchanging Twitter accounts and took a photo. So, the girl who went to the hotel right after school entertained Lizette and I with her lovely sass. She was pretty funny. Then we all had met another girl who travelled alone on a bus to the hotel and she was cool also. We continued having random conversations. Then at around 7pm, a cab pulled up and the body guard came out and told everyone to step back as two of the boys, Michael and Ashton were getting out of the cab, but then it went downhill when two of the other boys, Luke and Calum got mobbed. Luke actually stopped and took one selfie with a girl, then every other [crazy] fangirl tried to get a selfie with him and Calum. I was just standing at the perimeter taking photos and then I just saw how crazy the crowd was just to get a selfie with them. All of the things that were going through my head at that moment was, "why are these girls doing this?" "they're people too, please respect them" "they don't deserve this" and "poor guys." Once the boys got into the hotel safely, they tweeted that they were not going to come out and needed a breather. In other words, the girls who mobbed them were too crazy and they had ruined a chance to actually meeting the guys. Thanks a lot annoying, rude fangirls! Later on, I was hoping that the boys would cave in and come out because the crazy crowd of girls had left and the calmer ones had stayed. We all did a prayer circle as well, hoping for a wonderful moment of the boys coming out of hiding. The ones who decided to stay were trying to stay outside little longer in the cold, but some had to go home because it was getting late. Lizette and I ended up staying another hour hoping that the boys would come out, even though they've sent out that tweet. It was getting pretty late and dark, so we've decided to go home because the boys did not come out after all. At least I got to see them and hopefully they saw me through their cab window and know that I exist now. Haha. This was a whole new experience and maybe next time, it will be a little bit better (meaning, hopefully I will actually meet them).

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Let's Talk Awkward!

Image via WeHeartIt.

Okay, I am probably the princess of being awkward. I encounter awkward moments everyday. Probably because I just make it awkward.  Alright, enough of me telling you how awkward I am. Yesterday, I went to order pizza at this pizza restaurant with my dad and as I was ordering, I've realized that the person who was taking my order was a friend from middle school. When I walked into the restaurant, I didn't recognize him because I can't really make out a person's face from a distance. As I went up to the counter to make my order, I was looking at the menu to find what my dad wanted on his pizza. So, no eye contact there. I wasn't sure what my dad wanted and I had confused the guy, but my dad came in and cleared it up. Then, when I did make eye contact, I knew that he looked familiar. It was a friend from my class in 7th grade. It was so weird seeing him because it has been about 5 years since I've last seen him. The awkward part is that we both acted like we didn't know each other. I'd like to admit that I used to have a crush on him and that made it even more awkward for me and he still looks the same. Maybe a little bit maturer. I wanted to laugh out loud in the restaurant because it was so awkward for me. As soon as I recognized him, I texted my two best friends from middle school and my cousin. I was freaking out and not to mention, smiling like an idiot because I was trying to hold in my laughter. Let's just say I am very awkward and that's okay.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Flashback Apparel.

Today is a nice day and I felt like actually dressing up casual, but yet "fashionable." I just put together something simple and realized that I was dressed like I went back to the 90s. I thought it would be perfect to post about, because I've been obsessing over 80s and 90s fashion lately.

Please excuse the quality of my pictures. My camera's battery was dead and I had to take these pictures on my phone. Anyway, on with my outfit of the day! My denim jacket is my mom's and it is from Old Navy and probably purchased in the late 90s to early 2000s. My striped t-shirt is from Gap and it is so comfy. I'm wearing light washed jeggings from American Eagle. Lastly, I'm wearing my red Chuck Taylors (don't be fooled, they're actually old. I just barely wear them because of weather purposes).

Friday, April 11, 2014

That's My Jam!

Image via Google.

Image via Google.
Have you ever had a song stuck in your head for days? Well, I have that problem. I cannot get two of The Vamps songs out of my head! If you don't know who The Vamps are, they are an indie pop band from the UK. Moving on, I have two of their latest singles stuck in my head, which are 'Last Night' and 'Wild Heart'. I am always singing it; out loud and in my head. It does not matter where I am, while driving, in the shower, or in class... and right now. They're too catchy! Like it's fun and upbeat. The lyrics are not so bad. It's my kind of music. I even tweeted a lyric from 'Wild Heart' earlier. Yeah... It will take a while to get it out of my head. In the meantime, I am going to enjoy it.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Desperation Is In The Air.

Yesterday, one of the favorite bands, 5 Seconds of Summer, had announced a contest to win two tickets to their concert along with a signed Fender guitar, and get this, a chance to meet the band. This is an opportunity that I could not resist. I was planning to go to the concert once they had announced the tour a while back, but I couldn't get the tickets because every ticket reseller bought almost half of the tickets. Then I just sat in my room and was mad at the world (not really, I'm just exaggerating). So after I saw the tweet about the contest, which included the website for the the contest registration and rules, I immediately entered and created something. The contest consists of taking and showing something from the cities listed in their tour with some band "pride" in it, such as, merchandise or lyrics and posting on Instagram and/or Twitter with the hashtags that they provide. I'm a bad fan for not having any merch, so I just took lyrics and photoshopped an image. I took a lyric from one of their songs from their latest EP and incorporated into a photo of New York City lights. I had fun editing the photo, because I do enjoy graphic design. I blurred out the photo to show more of the pride. I just hope I win, because that would be totally awesome.
This is my contest entry.

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