Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring Break in a Nutshell.

I went back to school today after a week of break. As you already know from my last post, I went to Virginia for spring break. I did and ate a bit of things. Haha. So, here are some photos from my break.
Bread and drinks at The Cheesecake Factory.

Fried Mac n' Cheese with marinara sauce.

My food: Chicken Bellagio.

My friend, Christine and I.
Mint ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery.

Attempted to bake homemade Samoas.

Yup, it snowed in Virginia during my spring break.

Mimi and I.

Why not take a photo on a playground?

Medium Vanilla Cone from Dairy Queen.

Baby Tate and I.

Salted Caramel ice cream in a waffle bowl from Cold Stone Creamery. 

Coconut Creme cupcake from Pastry Expo.

I was watching the 5 Seconds of Summer Livestream on YouTube and caught Luke Hemmings slapping Ashton Irwin's butt.

Just sitting with large chess pieces.

Chicken Katsu with Curry over rice from Miso.

Royal Red Robin and a side of fries from Red Robin

Another day at the playground.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Yummy Treats.

So, for spring break, I went to Virginia. I got to catch up with my cousins while I was there. The other day, my cousin, Jane and I decided to go to The World Market. If you don't know what The World Market is, it is a store that sells items from furniture to toys to accessories to stationary items to food to kitchen essentials.  We were particularly looking for food at the store to do a taste testing on. I wanted to try some treats from Australia and the UK. I only got 4 items, which are the Tim Tams, Violet Crumble, Yorkie, and the Pop Rocks. Now, the Pop Rocks are not exactly an international treat, so I didn't even plan to do a taste testing with them. I just miss eating them. Anyway, we both got that treats that we wanted to try and when we got home, we did the taste testing with our other cousins and recorded most of it. And so, here's the video! Hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I'm Back?

HELLO THERE! Yes, I am finally on break and I guess I'll be posting for a little bit again. Oh, how much I miss posting. I've been too occupied with school and I am finally relaxing... kind of. I still have school work to do during this break, but it's not so bad. I'm actually trying to get most of it done soon so that I can enjoy the rest of the week. Knowing myself, I am sure that I will not get a lot done since I have a pretty small attention span. I've gotten half of the school work done so far and that is a good amount. Plus, the work that I'm focusing on is just what I need to catch up on. I will be occasionally posting when class begin again, because the semester is almost ending. I am so glad! I enjoy sharing thoughts on this blog. Until next time... see ya!

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