Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Nice, Small Moment.

Yesterday, my friend, Lizette and I planned to meet up to go to the pizza restaurant where our friend from middle school works at for a laugh. Not to mention that the friend is the old crush of mine and also the friend that I had an awkward moment with last week. As we walked into the restaurant, there was no sight of him, but we ordered our pizza anyway because we've already walked in. As we were waiting, we just had some random conversations, as usual, and the friend was going around cleaning the tables. Then, when our pizzas were ready, we went up to the counter to pay and the friend suddenly said "Hi Sandy" then "Hi Lizette" and I was like "Hey ______!" Yup. Then he started a conversation by asking us where we go to school and stuff. After we got our pizza, we went to our table. Later on, he started cleaning tables again and asked me a few other questions and asked some of the same to Lizette. It was nice that he was concerned. I'm glad that he spoke to us first and was trying to keep a conversation too. It's nice to see someone after some number of years and knowing that they're doing really well. It's just the little things in life that gets to me. It was great seeing and talking to him and not feeling so awkward anymore.

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