Saturday, April 19, 2014

Let's Talk Awkward!

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Okay, I am probably the princess of being awkward. I encounter awkward moments everyday. Probably because I just make it awkward.  Alright, enough of me telling you how awkward I am. Yesterday, I went to order pizza at this pizza restaurant with my dad and as I was ordering, I've realized that the person who was taking my order was a friend from middle school. When I walked into the restaurant, I didn't recognize him because I can't really make out a person's face from a distance. As I went up to the counter to make my order, I was looking at the menu to find what my dad wanted on his pizza. So, no eye contact there. I wasn't sure what my dad wanted and I had confused the guy, but my dad came in and cleared it up. Then, when I did make eye contact, I knew that he looked familiar. It was a friend from my class in 7th grade. It was so weird seeing him because it has been about 5 years since I've last seen him. The awkward part is that we both acted like we didn't know each other. I'd like to admit that I used to have a crush on him and that made it even more awkward for me and he still looks the same. Maybe a little bit maturer. I wanted to laugh out loud in the restaurant because it was so awkward for me. As soon as I recognized him, I texted my two best friends from middle school and my cousin. I was freaking out and not to mention, smiling like an idiot because I was trying to hold in my laughter. Let's just say I am very awkward and that's okay.

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