Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Desperation Is In The Air.

Yesterday, one of the favorite bands, 5 Seconds of Summer, had announced a contest to win two tickets to their concert along with a signed Fender guitar, and get this, a chance to meet the band. This is an opportunity that I could not resist. I was planning to go to the concert once they had announced the tour a while back, but I couldn't get the tickets because every ticket reseller bought almost half of the tickets. Then I just sat in my room and was mad at the world (not really, I'm just exaggerating). So after I saw the tweet about the contest, which included the website for the the contest registration and rules, I immediately entered and created something. The contest consists of taking and showing something from the cities listed in their tour with some band "pride" in it, such as, merchandise or lyrics and posting on Instagram and/or Twitter with the hashtags that they provide. I'm a bad fan for not having any merch, so I just took lyrics and photoshopped an image. I took a lyric from one of their songs from their latest EP and incorporated into a photo of New York City lights. I had fun editing the photo, because I do enjoy graphic design. I blurred out the photo to show more of the pride. I just hope I win, because that would be totally awesome.
This is my contest entry.

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