Thursday, January 22, 2015

Keep Up With Me.

Break, the time to be lazy as heck and do whatever you'd like to do without anything to worry about. Basically, I am describing my break. I am a college (university) student and winter break is a little over a month long. The beginning of break was fun for a bit, then I just became bored and tired. I just need to catch you up with what I have been doing during my break instead of typing up a blog post. Once finals were over, I went Christmas shopping. Yeah, the last minute Christmas shopping. I usually get my shopping done early, but it has been a very stressful semester and I didn't have time because I had to do projects and essays, oh yeah, and studying. Then when I was completely finished, I tried to catch up on all of the YouTube videos that I missed and catch up on some TV shows. It was a lot to do. I also went to the Rockefeller Tree and the big ornaments located at the Avenue of the Americas to take some pictures. Then when my dad's break began, we travelled to Virginia to celebrate the holiday. We did the usual, nothing that exciting. I also got to hang out with a very good friend of mine from high school when I was in Virginia. I got to eat and try different foods during the time that I wast there, like &Pizza, which is a pizza bar where you get to pick and choose your toppings, almost like Chipotle. I also went to the country's capital (Washington, D.C.) for a little bit because my distant cousins' grandpa was visiting and we showed him around and took pictures. On New Year's Eve, I got to wear a flashback outfit. It included a scrunchy, a velvet shirt, and high-waisted jeans (which you can find a photo of the outfit on my Instagram: @sandylepear). When my dad's break was over, we went back to New York. I have been staying and waking up late for the past few weeks. I need to cut that habit since the Spring Semester is approaching. Anyway, that sums up my break!

Croque Monsieur from Deluxe Cafe.

&Pizza pizza.

Bottled butter beer from Lolli and Pops.

A banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich) taco and regular banh mi from Phowheels, a foodtruck.

British Christmas cracker.

My corny joke.

My prize.

My paper crown.

Lincoln Memorial.

The Washington Monument.

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