Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 Recap.

Hello everyone! I am only a day late for posting this. I'd like to do a quick, small recap post about 2014. A lot of things happened to me in 2014, good things, but then there were some bad things. I can tell you that the majority of them were good. Firstly, Fall Out Boy and Paramore announced Monumentour and I got to see them perform. The next thing was that Panic! At The Disco announced The Gospel Tour and I got to see them as well. I have waited about 9 years to see my top favorite bands and the wait was worth it. And then, my obsession of 5 Seconds of Summer grew and I got to see them in person by doing something that I have never thought of doing. I got to travel to Florida and go to Universal Studios in Orlando in the summer. It was really fun. There were times that I got negative minded due to personal reasons, things that annoyed me, and stress from school. That sort of broke my resolution. So for the new year, I am going to make it up and try to think positive a lot more. Well, that pretty much sums up my 2014! I hope 2015 will be so much better. 

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