Monday, June 9, 2014

What Did I Do Last Week?

I have been slacking on creating blog posts on time recently. I honestly wanted to post on the days of when I had my small "adventures," but things kept getting in the way. Anyway, I'll explain my week through each photo that I've taken.

I went to the pet shop once again and played with a different puppy. This puppy was way too playful and too hyper for my liking. Although, the puppy was super adorable. This puppy's heart was pretty much racing when I held it.

The next day, I went back to New York with my mom and my cousin, Jane and stayed for three days. We came back for no reason really; just for fun. We got to fulfill our cravings of Thai food at the restaurant near by the house.

Laudree is one place that I needed to try and cross off my bucket list and we happened to be shopping in SoHo. So, why not go on a mission to find the shop?

On the drive back to Virginia, I've decided to experiment with my new camera and discovered this setting. I thought it was pretty awesome.

The next day after coming back from Virginia, it was my 13 year old cousin's birthday party and it was just a crew of family-friends and other cousins.

During the party, I thought that I should take photos with my parents and so I did.

Anyway, what a week I had.

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