Saturday, June 21, 2014

T-Shirt Time.

No, it's not t-shirt time as in The Jersey Shore terminology. Yesterday, I have finally did something that I've planned for the summer a few months back. Yes, it does involve a t-shirt if you were wondering. Haha. Moving on... I enjoy DIYs and my cousin (Jane) and I made our own tie dye graphic tees. Yup! both a tie dye t-shirt and and graphic t-shirt combined. It was fun and simple, but it did require a lot of time. There was a point where things went wrong, but we fixed it and are satisfied. I can cross making t-shirts of my list of things to do in summer 2014 now.

After ironing on my stencil.

After spraying on fabric paint... The corners weren't ironed on well and the paint bled through.

The final product after filling in white fabric paint.

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