Monday, December 30, 2013

Not a Lazy Sunday.

On Sunday, my cousin from Virginia came to visit! She is staying for a week since it's winter break. And on her first day of being in New York, it was raining. BUT that didn't stop us from doing anything though!

We went to the famous Shake Shack for lunch. If you don't know what Shake Shack is, it is basically the In N' Out of the East Coast. It was my first time there and it was also my cousin's first time. It is so delicious. The place actually did look like a shack, but it was a nice shack. There were also some Christmas lights hung on the ceiling and it looked very edgy. I liked it. I had a root beer float made with their famous frozen custard as well, and it tasted like homemade cake baked from scratch. I am in love with this place now.

After getting some burgers, we went to the mall. We did a bit of shopping and walking around. I actually had to exchange the size of my Christmas gift, but ended up returning and buying something else because the store did not carry the specific style of clothing that I've received for Christmas. When we were done with our shopping, we had to make a last stop at Pinkberry because my mom wanted some frozen yogurt. While I was there, I got a yummy chocolate banana shake. What a day it was.

I drank most of it before taking this photo. Yes, it was THAT good.

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