Saturday, May 2, 2015

Days Away.

Hey there, the semester is almost over and I am closer to being a little less stressed. It's been a while since I last post something, so here I am. I'd like to start off by saying that this semester went by very fast and I'm glad that it did. It brings me closer to my future and career path. The only thing that I need to do to get through the remaining days is thinking positive and working hard. I get a few days off after exams, but then I have summer courses to take. The thing that's good about these summer courses is that I don't have to be physically in class for them. That's right, I'm taking online classes. I've heard mixed things about online classes, but I rather have time for other activites in the summer, especially in the summer. My plan is to finish as much as I can, in terms of courses, so that I can relax and be a regular young adult. Lazy and enjoying life. Just kidding. I would still need things to keep me occupied. But getting to relax is probably the best thing ever. I mean, I do relax from time to time, but I would like a longer time frame for that. As cliché as this sounds, hard work pays off and I believe that. Patience is the key to all of this, and I admit that I'm not the most patient person, but I have to let that sink in. I like to let things happen on its own. I know that certain thing happen by force, but I don't want to mess with the ways of life. Wow. This post is getting technical with beliefs. Anyway, I'm just days away from having a life outside of being a full time student and I'm counting down.

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