Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September is Bittersweet.

Hey there! It has been a while since... I've been starting my blog posts with that a lot lately. I have an excuse for that! I've been either busy or I haven't been doing anything exciting. I mean, I can post about my thoughts, but everything has been very personal lately and I just don't want to post those thoughts because they are personal and I don't feel comfortable sharing them on the internet. Anyway, moving on... It is September and there will always be mixed feelings about the month of September. Almost everyone goes back to school and summer vacation is over. It's still summer, but it no longer feels like summer. I know, it sounds bad. The perks about September? Well, it would have to be the autumn weather coming our way. I do get tired of the heat and I am looking forward to cooler weather. Now I'm bringing back the topic of school... today was my first day back in college, or according to other countries, university. It wasn't so bad, but I am already stressing out with the information that my professors provided about the courses. Plus, I was stressing out about textbooks and required reading materials. I had to order them quick and had to pay a little extra to get them delivered fast. I usually order them a few weeks before classes begin, but I kept making the mistake of ordering books that were never used throughout the semester last school year. I just wanted to be make sure that I actually needed those books. I got to see my friends, which was nice, but my mind is still on vacation. Also, today's weather was not helping me get past that mindset. Hopefully by next week, it'll get better and I will be back on track with things. September is the month to say farewell and hello.

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